CSB HRL (high rate discharge, long life) range of top terminal batteries are widely used in the UPS market worldwide by leading manufacturers such as EATON, APC, Schneider and Emerson. They are specifically designed for both high-rate discharge applications and long-life design, and are available today from Battery SolutioNZ.

With VRLA technology they are small, lightweight and offer a long standby service life or more than 260 cycles at 100 percent discharge. Because of their innovative design, the HRL Series batteries output energy is 20 percent higher than comparable products.

As with all CSB batteries, the HRL series are rechargeable, efficient, maintenance-free and leak-proof. With its sealed container, an HRL battery can be installed horizontally or vertically with no compromise on performance or safety.

With its small form factor, light weight and high discharge efficiency, it is best used for high intensity power supply needs.